picture of a snake terrarium
Vivarium for rain forest pet animals like exotic and tropical lizards and snakes.


Your snake cage set up should probably be prepared around a week before you put your snake in the vivarium, so if anything breaks or is not working you can have the time to fix it. When you are creating your snake vivarium it is just trying to recreate the snake’s natural habitat. So if your snake’s natural habitat is trees you might want to make some thing to climb on.

About the size of the vivarium you will need for your snake, well there is not really one rule for all snakes, it depends on the size of the snake and also if your snake is normally tree dwelling then you might want your vivarium to be a bit taller to recreate the snake’s natural habitat. Legally the snake’s vivarium needs to be two thirds of the snake’s size, so if the snake tried to spread out completely straight it couldn’t. Now two thirds is not always good for the snake, because most snakes want more space. Most breeders recommend a vivarium the length of the snake plus quarter extra.

In your snake vivarium you want something to cover the floor in. Now there are quite a few things you can use for bedding, such aspen bedding and soft wood chips. You can put some aspen bedding up against one of the corners to make a very good place for the snake to burrow, if your snake particularly likes burrowing

 For your vivarium you want a big water bowl so the snake can drink and have a soak. 


You should check on your snake every day to make sure it is ok and when there are droppings you should clean it out.You can also get a spray bottle and fill it with water and spray it in the vivarium to keep in moist. Not too much though you don’t want to drown it.