Heating & Light

Picture of a typical heat lamp


Heating depends on what your snake species likes. I said before you are trying to recreate the snake’s natural habitat, so if your snake’s natural habitat is desert, then your heating should be hotter than if your snake lived in a rainforest. For most snakes you will want a heat pad, a heating light and  a UV light.

Lets start with heat pads. Now heat pad are just to keep the snake warm and to make sure the snake has somewhere nice and warm to go to if it needs it. For a snake, heat pads are basically just like under floor heating.

Now on to heat lamps. Heat lamps are mainly used for a heating source and a lighting source, not to be confused with a UV light which is completely different. Heat lamps are mainly just another source of light and heat, but are still needed.

Picture of a UV light bulb

UV light

UV lights are incredibly important. You need UV light for your snake to get the amount of calcium that it needs. Without the right amount of calcium your snake can die because without calcium the snake can get MBD.  This means the snake is not getting enough calcium and it starts taking the calcium out of its bones and then its bones turn to a jelly-like substance. You can probably guess this is bad.  The danger is that when the carer realises that something is wrong they get UV light but that does not fix it either, because what that does is harden the bones again and then the snake will find it harder to move and it will be incredibly painful.  This is one of  the biggest killers of snakes in captivity, so remember alwasy give a snake UV light.