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Hi, I’m Joe, I’m 12 years old and,as you can probably already tell, I love snakes!

I’m hoping to get my own snake.  If, like me, you’re about to buy your first snake there’s a lot of information you’re going to need..

These are the things you need to think about before taking the plunge and buying a snake.  You need to get it right, as re-homing can be bad for the animal.

I’ve assembled a list below of all the questions I thought about and tried to give you the best answers I can


What are the most popular types of pet snake?

The following are beginner-friendly and fairly easy to acquire
  • Corn snake – the corn snake, a species of rat snake, is a very popular choice for first-time snake owners as they are generally passive easy to care for.
  • Milk Snakes – the name milk snake come from the fact they are often found in cow barns and where thought to maybe drink the cows milk, but they probably just ate mice or rats.
  • Royal Python – they are a good snake for beginners, as they are calm, gentle and inquisitive, but you need to bear in mind that they can grow to 5 foot long.
  • King Snake – they are a popular pet, as they are fairly easy to care for. They can be cannibals though and shouldn’t be kept together. They can grow to 6 foot long.


How much do snakes cost?

One of the above will cost on average £30-70.

Some rarer snakes can command huge prices such as this black pastel piebald which went on sale for $16,000!


What type of cage do I need?

Snake cages are known as terrariums or vivariums. You can buy them at any large pet store or online. A decent vivarium will cost anywhere between £50 and £300. You can read more about vivariums here.


How big does the enclosure have to be and how much will it cost?

Legally it has to be two thirds the size of the snake but most breeders recommend a vivarium the length of the snake and one fourth.


How often do snakes eat? And how much will the food cost to buy?

All snakes eat rats or mice and you should only feed the snake when it defecates. To read more about what snakes eat, click here.


Do snakes like being handled?

Most snakes do like being handled, but if they are shedding it is probably a good idea not to handle them.


Will my snake bite me?

Snakes will only bite if they feel threatened or feel vulnerable, so if they are shedding or just ate


In Summary

Keeping a snake can be a really rewarding and fun and they are a good pet for people long working hours